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  • Dive on in! The water's fine!

    Beautiful stylish pools to last you and your family a lifetime

    We service, renovate and maintain pools across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.
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  • Sparkling pools for your pupils and guests

    School and Commercial Pools

    Use Spruce Pools for all your servicing pool needs
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  • Lie back and relax whilst we take the strain

    Spas and hot tubs

    Complement your pool and home with a spa or hot tub
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  • Let us build your pool with confidence and speed

    Above Ground Pools

    Fast assembly of above the ground pools which can be taken with you when you move house!
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  • Your pool complex need not be complex!

    Let your pool be one of the family

    Use Spruce Pools to design and build you a pool you'll treasure forever!
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