Your Swimming Pool filter will need to be regularly backwashed to remove any dirt from the sand. Always backwash the filter after vacuuming the pool or at least on a weekly basis.

NOTE – Make sure boiler is switched off and allowed to cool before starting the backwash procedure.

1. Turn off pump
2. Turn MULTIPORT handle to backwash position
3. Open valve on backwash line (if fitted)
4. Turn pump on
5. Leave to run for approx. 90 seconds. There is usually a sight on the MULTIPORT to see the water clear
6. Turn off pump
7. Turn MULTIPORT handle to rinse
8. Turn pump on
9. Leave to run for approx. 20 seconds
10. Turn off pump
11. Turn MULTIPORT handle back to filtration
12. Turn pump on and recommence filtration
13. Close valve on backwash line (if fitted)