Vaccing the Pool

1.Fit the vac pole, vac head and the hose together. This should be carried out near to the Skimmer or vac point, stretch the hose along the pool surround and then place the vac head into the pool.

2. Feed the hose into the water slowly, this will fill the hose with water and remove any air.

3. Fit the end of the hose onto the vac point or onto a vac plate that fits over the skimmer basket or place the hose end directly into the hole in the base of the skimmer.

4. Check that the skimmer valve or vac line valve is fully opened and all other suction valves are shut. Keep the vac head under water or the pumps prime will be lost.

5. Slowly vac the pool. If you vac too quickly debris will be pushed into suspension and not sucked up. Backwash the filter if the suction becomes Laboured.

6. Always backwash the filter after vacuuming the pool and check the pump and skimmer baskets for debris.

7. After vacuuming the pool return the valves to their normal operating positions and remove the vac equipment from the pool and store safely away from the pool and out of sunlight.

It is recommended that at the start of the season or if the pool is very dirty that you vac the pool with the multiport valve in the “waste” position.

The water then bypasses the filter and goes directly to waste. This operation reduces the level of the water, which must be topped up.